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appnin man, been meaning to mail you for a while, fancy sending me some tracks off your records project/wav files in a ZIP/RAR file or something? Im loving some of the tracks but the productions killing me and i fancy doing a remix on em! As of about three months time I'll also be doing cheap as fuck demos for people, free mates rates too so if you want anything done, gimme a shout!
Hey, you still trying to sell your thunderbird, i know its ages since you posted it but i just came across it.
to be fair boss are you making the big ol' trip out to the pointless midwest or not? let's get real about things or let's not. don't feel sorry for ross. he's got a big irish career ahead of himself. what a waste of space.
Only just noticed this, almost 12 years later. Wondering if you'll get an email to confirm my response. You've been missed my friend. I wonder what became of Ross!

Oh and to answer your question, I'd love to... I guess I was a little distracted 12 years ago!
Hey Matt
you still looking for a guitarist? u can email me on ross.cadcentre@yahoo.co.uk if u like..
Hi, Noticed you have a lot of Japanese guitars for sale ( i'm hoping you have a contact in there) i'm looking for a Yamaha SAS 1500 which is a small bodied Semi Acoustic which is only produced for the Japanese market. The guitars still in prodution and has been in production for a few years now. Can you help? cheers, Steve.
Nah, it was in Midasuno's vomit-inducing van coming back from Laaaandan. I agree though, bit of a pickle!
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