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SparX-Honour Among

awesome dood, thanks!!! the new site is also uploaded now, still working out the bugs and still need to do some pages, plus the mp3 player for the site will be up shortly with all the new tracks and the old ones so you can stream them direct from the site!


Spread the word!


Chaos Trigger
DN Supporter
Awesom new tracks fellas....... shame you are all such a big bunch of gays innit ?.... lol

Nah man the new demo is lovely, it resounds of loveliness..........

gotta get a gig together soon ...... maybe get a 5 or 6 band thing on the go down in Meze's like.... will have to talk to mike ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SparX-Honour Among

junes kewl,

meze might be a problem soon thou.. might be a change of venue for mikee coming up... tjs might be the better option :p with thier new stage and stuffs
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