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Jon Con

I smell like a winner
Nov 8, 2002
found this write up of our band on a new site and seemed pretty cool

Four Ways To Fall, the South Wales 4-Peice taking a very unique sound, and honing it into a gigging machine. Under their former name of Feenix, they played many, many places, and with some pretty big names in the underground scene. Their musical styles have been diverse, from the heavier numbers of today, to the punk influenced songs they played in under Feenix. They've recorded a few tracks which you can download on their official site (click on logo, above), and are releasing an ep soon as well, WATCH THIS SPACE!

This band take their musical influences from many different artists, and are all very talented individuals. But when you look at them, it's obvious that they take their main influence (in life) from the master of the pelvic thrust, Mr Phil Jones, the leader of S.E.X (the band of course), whose Mullet and insightful rock-musings must have influenced their lives forever

gotta laugh at the second paragraph :upside: :upside: