wanna be on radio?

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Rufis T. Firefly

die doris die
Aug 2, 2004
Hi it is Rhys Tyler from FOAD. I am currently working on a skool project that entails building an online radio station that plays unsigned bands. It will also contain biogs and pics of bands. I need about twenty bands to start the thing off and then new bands a will be added through an online registration form

It would be an excellent opportunity for unsigned bands as we are going to continue the project once all involved have finished university. There will be advertising from music companies etc and it could get your band some gigs with foad if we have not already heard you.

I forgot to say that there will also be chances for interviews

You will need to send me a Demo (3 songs only), a Biog of your band and a photograph of the band, which ALL needs to be on CD

Contact me at rhys_tyler@hotmail.com for more information