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TVs own Roy Walker
Hey guys, sorry for the shameless plug but im just paying jon back for a few gig plugs on ye olde forum :p hope things are going great and ill be at the next local gig ur doin...

Band searching from singer – 4 piece based in Maesteg featuring four members formerly of Disparage looking for vocalist for emo/sceamo/punk band. No equipment necessary. Ready to gig, record and have fun. Influences include everything from ‘The LostProphets’ to ‘Poison The Well’ to ‘Midtown.’ Contact public_enemyno1@hotmail.com or 07800641747 for more information.

Cheers, Will xXxXx

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
Will hows it goin? Glad to see you're sorting a band out, what's the current line up at the moment?

speak to you soon anyways I'm sure


TVs own Roy Walker
jon my main man.... the band is sorted we got Paul Marshall (ex Mendes singer) on the mic and ashley williams of my old band behind the drum kit now and go by the name The Alternative Ending, early days but all is sounding fine, cant wait to hear the new Four Ways To Fall! Hopefully we'll play some gigs together when all is jet set. Good luck for the barfly gig, i know you guys so I know ur well prepped for it!

Will xXx
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