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Vegstock 2005
VEGSTOCK 2005 - MAKE VEGETABLES HISTORY - 31/08/2005 - Secret Gig

The Scruts - Powerwordkill - Freeloader - Censorshit - Freaky Fortnight - Last Minute Tradegy - Coronajones - Mook - Mortified Minds - PLUS ANOTHER 3 BANDS TBC

hey all you crazy fuckers vegstock was only created 6 days ago and its allready half way sorted out for all of those who dont know what vegstock is and what the morals of vegstock are please take a couple of moments to read the below statment......

Vegstock was created after a couple of drunk people in a van found a packet of organic vegetable stock cubes after looking at the packet for several minutes laughing they realised that this was a sign sent from the great rock stars in the sky... and thus VEGSTOCK was created.... they knew that such a great gig such as this couldnt be "legal" and needed to be "underground"... in other word this had to be done without permission and out of everybodys way. So after meeting in a special location on the 5th of july they decided to have 12 bands playing between the hours of 8pm and 2am. And then let all the bands do acoustic set (if they wish)... all we ask of people who want to see this awesome gig is to keep it quiet and not let ant bastard townies know so the party aint ruined (we dont want violence - just a good time )..... there will be VEGSTOCK t-shirts for sale and stickers keep your eye out for them at gigs and also at the event.... there will be beer tent up there 2 selling cans of lager and cider for £1

If you want to go to vegstock please go to (Website link expired & removed!) and email us your name and the location of where you live ( for us to know how far the word has spread ) VEGSTOCK will be in southern aberdare ( roughly 3 miles from the town ) everybody will be meeting up at kwik save - aberaman on the 31st of august where event staff will meet you and take you to the secret location, as you know there will be 12 bands playing and the music wont be stoping till like 2am ..... So camping is advisable ( which is also FREE )

All Bands That Are so Far confirmed can you please go to the website and email us your phone numbers so we can be in contact with you and keep you updated with the festivals details.........
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