to kissthis & souldriver - cabs?

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i still hate hippies
May 8, 2002
hey guys,

this is nicky from better dead than you. im just checking to see if any of you guys (guitarists) are going to be using head/cabs tonight? and if so, if theres any chance i could have a lend of the cab for our set?

we played in cardiff last night, and one of my car tyres was slashed (they also had a good go at the front lights bastards) anyway, as i have work today. i dont know if im going to be able to even get a new tyre on there today, so im still on there the spare.

theres 4 of us coming up in this car, and with a semi dodgy old spare on there, im trying to keep the cab home if possible, i would have the head with me, and if any of you guys wanna use anything of ours etc, you are totally more than welcome or whatever you want.

anyway, im going to work now (yep.. 5.20am :( ) i`ll be back online a little later. dont worry if you dont have cabs, or cant or anything. its just so i know.

cheers guys