The Plan

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Gav LMT vocals

FrontMan Bassist/vocals
Aug 13, 2004

damn i miss gigging already, but its nice having a break, everyone needs one.

yeah so, we have had a few band sessions with dai, and at the moment we are gettin 5days in june and NAKO tight and complete, and on sunday in practise we are gonna start moving on to another song which we have in the bag, undecided on which one as of yet.

before xmas we are going into the studio and recording 5 days in june, then in about feb/march time we will record the rest of the songs to put on our CD which will consist of possibly 5 songs (professionally recorded) the EP will be named 'BENEATH A FALLING STAR' and we are gonna try and get some awesome artwork done for it. Yip the future looks expensive for us, and hopefully good, cant wait to get these songs done and recorded so we can gig again.

adios x