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Awesome venue! The thing is, the crowd ain't there, it's a fuckin' shame.

Love the place though.
Yeah man agree, has great potential, you have to be 18+ to get in perhaps it would help if this wasn't the case. Last time we played there were a few outside that couldnt get in because they wasn't 18. Lets hope this changes soon.


yeh every venue that isnt 18+ shoots themselves in the foot like.....its blatently obvious

if you think back 2 or 3 years every gig i went to or played in was packed as fuk, everytime without fail pritty much.

the majority of people who go 2 gigs in the valleys is under 18..cardiff n swansea can get away with it having universitys close by and being major citys, and even then. we played a teen spirit gig in barfly an it was sold out. same as most teen spirit gigs like.

just the way it is, everyone our age is too lazy. or wud only go 2 gigs that they wanted 2 see or just played in. where as teens (young teens) go every week as a thing to do. like a youth center hahahaha