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Hello Y'all

Didnt know the best forum to chuck this in so mods move it please if it is wrong, im new ;)


We have any Album called "genesis & catastrophe" coming out on Monday 18th July on Positive Impact Records available from all good record stores

Anyone wan't to hear a few choice cuts off it...

well... www.myspace.com/theattikastate

and you can buy it from here if you felt so inclined

(Website link expired & removed!)

Any thoughts/comments/praise/tomato throwing is all welcomed




Temptation Is Dying
i votch of the fact there a wkd band!
wen i saw em i think there singer was missin an the guitarist replaced him, was fkin wkd!


Brutality Will Prevail
i heard them a couple of years back and wondered where they dissapered to haha. well my question is now answered.. super gd band


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Cheers for all the comments fellas...
you can now buy the record from the following places. Our distro is being a bit slow but we will get there :)
(Website link expired & removed!)
(Website link expired & removed!)
Plastic Head Direct
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