Random gayness

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Sorry its been awhile, not that anyone reads my ramblings...

Was just talking to my tgirl (transexual girl) friend about whether men are cunts or not. *ponders* I suppose she can see it from both sides. But...

I'm saying no, mainly because there's one guy whos making me feel so special now...

...his name is Pingu. He's a dildo that was bought for me from my other special guy. Haha. Well its great. Dildos should take over the world like. :)
I been really scared lately. I been pondering about things, sappy romantic things. I've never felt for anyone like this, and no matter how much I try to rationalize it or justify my feelings (who the fuck to, I don't know!), it still doesn't make sense; it terrifyies me. But even weirder, I just had to ask how long we've been together, I've lost all sense of time, which is scary too. And as much as I hate sounding like a soppy cunt, this is the happiest I've been in ages. <3

Enough gayness... I got all my 8500 words in, one of the essays was abit late tho. My poetry folder sucked so much cock, in the words of Charlene (Psyclodia) one of my poems was "shit". Ah well... Annie McGann can decide my fate.
Handed in all my transfer forms for Glam next year :party:

I read a Kathryn Gray poem called "Friend", made me realise how much I miss my girlies. They're the best. Love you long time.

And... its... only... two fucking weeks til motherfucking summer!!!! WHAHAHAHHenevkqjbqel... sorry I'm just so fucking excited. *dance/party/rave* \o/

Life is great right now... and thats coming from "the pessimist over the bridge" or something. Cheers Steve(!) (Disparage)

Good god Anita!!!