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I am the Borg!
I've been asked to pass this on. Sad news, but all good things come to an end.


After 5 years of providing the valleys of South Wales with a Nationwide quality touring circuit venue, Owner Rob Medway has decided on an indefinite hiatus on all live performances at the club, which itself has attracted National and International quality acts Funeral For A Friend, Hell Is For Heroes, Biffy Clyro, and The Ordinary Boys to name a few, as well as renowned tribute acts such as Limehouse Lizzy. The touring acts have always received the best service possible, and have always acknowledged the clubs reputation.

As well as being a staple venue for providing the first ‘proper’ shows to many of the localities own bands, RM’s has also been frequented by Worldwide rock heroes LostProphets. Merthyr Tydfil’s own Midasuno, Covergirl and The Blackout all have held amazing hometown shows at the venue. RM’s Rock Club was also one of the first valleys venue to host it’s own in-house P.A for shows, giving younger bands vital experience into he professional world of live music.

Following a frequent succession of poorly attended shows, the decision was made to close the upstairs room of RM’s Rock Club as a live Rock venue, including the cancellation of all scheduled shows. Extensive refurbishment will commence shortly with possible future uses of the space currently under discussion. Upstairs @ RM’s Rock Club has seen many hugely successful events, including the annual Battle of the Bands, as well as Summer and Winter all-dayers and themed nights and foam parties. On behalf of the hard work of all at Game On Promotions, Refuse Promotions, DJ Jolly and all of the bands who have performed, All at RM’s Rock Club would like to offer the most sincere appreciation for the time and effort made to help transform the club, and bring the masses to the place – and ultimately those who came along to support the bands and create the amazing atmosphere at the shows! Thank you!

These non-live music related nights are to continue on the schedule for the downstairs bar, which will be receiving an exciting new focus including extended times of opening (Tuesday to Saturday), further drinks offers as well as rotating alternative music nights and extras such as the addition of a free jukebox. An announcement will be made shortly detailing the new scheduling for the club. Stay tuned, and please feel free to offer any suggestions you may feel will help improve and progress the club onwards.

Thank you for your support,
All @ RM’s Rock Club.
June 2005


target locked
rob and mels, thats what it stands for, and its called a fun pub downstairs

im such a nerd.


*PreTTy Like DruGs*
kinda gay really, but all gud things come to an end.. will it still be a student night on a thursday?? looks like its newpert from now on en

El Kagrot

le king
ELP69 said:
rob and mels, thats what it stands for, and its called a fun pub downstairs

im such a nerd.
well if thats what it means now then but originoly it was rob megsons rock club



Decomposed Silence
*RomEo_MuST_DiE* said:
haha well raab, its gona have to do nowhere else really to go..

how come everybody thinks this i have already found new places to chill
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