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Petes Sake had alrealy started when I arrived but I still managed to catch some of their classic punk/emo crowd pleasers as well as wicked new material by the band, delivered in an energetic performance. The suprisingly large croud eventually gave in to the dance floor and were wound up for the next band Stupid Brick. Stupid Brick wow'd the croud with their energetic style of skate punk. These fast and energetic style of their songs whipped the crowd into a circular pit frenzy, introducing the first crowd surfers of the night and leaving the audience itching for more. Next was Chemical Reaction, kicking straight into their smooth, classy blend of ska, punk and reggae, playing a combination of classic C.R songs and brand new tracks off their new cd. The crowd went wild for the sound of "message to rudy" by the specials and the nutty cover of animal hospital too. Wicked stuff, what a night!

Originally posted some time before 2005!