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Hey, weve got a show lined up for this Tuesday (9th August) and we've had a band pull out so were looking for a band to open the show.

The other bands playing are GetAmped, Along Came Man and Ipsofacto.

We would need you to be at Clwb Ifor Bach by 3:30pm and to have your own heads + drum breakables to use on the night.

You HAVE to be under any of these categories: Indie, Punk, Pop Punk, Rock, Pop, Emo.
Basically nothing too heavy like.

Also let us know how many people you could bring, that always helps you and us out.

Cheers - Jamie


wankety wank.
bugger! i think our drummer is going on holiday on the ninth :(

keep us in mind though jamie! i think our fanbase is set to swell soon.

coming to see us tommorrow night?
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