oi!!!!! wtf is happenin

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rob flynn

Im the nothing ul never b
Feb 11, 2004
South of Heaven
well now...

By the looks of things me(kluck) mel and whitey are continueing on.....
weve had alot of problems lately wiv lazyness n not gettin shit together~!
but from now on its flat out.....................................................
YT is bursting with material and me and mel are busting for it.....
so were now gettin sum new practice space and should return hopefully by
March with sum good new material! and i dun think wel b coverin davidian nemore either!
were goin in a diferent angle.. if any1 is interested were lookin 4 a bassist..
mel and YT got a few to try but just thought id ask. if ne1 looks at this post and is interested get in touch my numbers 07969235665...

thats it for now . . . . . . . .
more will follow shortly

bob geldoff

go fuck
Nov 27, 2004
I am bent

i look like an etheopian!!! coz i am bi curious! i need a man 2 fulfill me! any offers??
mail me hunz!!!!
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