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Oct 22, 2002
under the table

increase in crime

exploitation of workers

human tafficking

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I think the comments of Julie Spence are extremely naive and provocative. granted she is on the front line dealing with the problems of a multi cultural society, but surely she can attribute an increase in crime to corrolate with the increase in population?

i threw the last one in as an example of a local company doing well out of positive trading conditions across eastern europe.


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Mar 10, 2003
I havent got the time at the minute to read all the background, but i think it refers to the copper who said immigration is causing a funding shortfall for them.

First of all, we need to be able to have a full and frank debate regarding immigration based on facts and not myth. In Britain we still have a oppositional debate that means you are even a 'soft liberal who would let immigrants overrun our country' or a 'right wing closet rascist committed to creating hatred of outsiders'. Both sides refer to stereotypes when they need to put a point across.

First of all i firmly believe that immigration is of benefit to our economy. There are numerous reports to back this up...

Migrants have lifted economy, says study | | Guardian Unlimited Business

We need to all drop this macho bullshit rhetoric about getting 'tough on immigration' much like getting 'tough' on anything (terror, chavs, drugs etc). Firstly there needs to be a consensus that immigration, particularly with regards EU based immigration, is beneficial and necessary to the economy.

There also needs to be an understanding that EU citizens are more than allowed to travel freely between all EU countries and live and work where they would like. I agree with Ming Campbell that we are due an EU referendum, because i am fed up by a eurosceptic press projecting europe as a massive important issue when all available polls show that Europe is simply not a big issue for most of the public. We need the case for europe to be put firmly and with passion, i am pro-european and believe that collective EU action in the face of climate change, terrorism and immigration will be ever more necessary.

Myths on immigrants underpins all the work of the sun, telegraph and daily mail. 'They' dont arrive here claiming benefits and 'flood' into this country. The come here, work hard, pay tax and have been a big part of our growing economy.

Benefits bill for eastern European migrants hits £125m | the Daily Mail an example.

Now the otherside of the argument, there needs to be a recognition that a net increase in immigration will impact on public services. However, firstly, many of the EU immigrants are not elderly, and are of robust health so there arent likely to be too much of a burden. And lets be frank, THEY PAY TAX, THEY ARE HERE BY RIGHT, THEY ARE ENTITLED TO THE SERVICES THAT TAX PAYS FOR.

The problem isnt making sure that public services can cope (i believe in certain areas plans will have to be made to shoulder the new citizens) it is that the whole debate is bogged down in tired old rhetoric. We need to have an honest debate.



Jun 19, 2005
Ministry of truth haha. Cool.

Ummm. Immigration? Well, presupposing there aren't lines on a map...

As it stands, it's totally natural for people to move around. Especially back on the doorstep of the very countries that have bombed their towns. It is tricky, man. Well, not really. I would presonally like to get the fuck out of Britain for a few years. We're far off from overcrowding, though that's for sure.

Zeppelin time, me thinks!