huckabees ! the new freaky fortnight

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eris kaoss
Thread starter
Dec 6, 2004
you'd better not go changing the name just yet (on myspace) since i sent an email today recommending you mofos for a gig in the brixton telegraph.....!

awh thanks

I dun like that place though but thanks and don't let that put you off recommendin us to anywhere else lol

we would have a 'the' in front but there is a band in US with 'the' and before we knew that we were just HUCKABEES anyway ao guess it's guna stay

just got sick of people sayin freaky friday and also huckabees is easier to say and it sounds cute

these people are guna put out a load of cd's for us and we been thinkin about a name change for about a year so thought better do it now

and yeah it's from the movie I heart huckabees - we are all molecules!!!!!!!!