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Thousand Yard Stereo’s latest offering pure punk power comes courtesy of welsh four-piece ‘Haddonfield’. Bar Brawls & Downfalls is a punchy, pounding mixture of heavily distorted strings, quick, complicated drums and typically violent, though tastefully emo lyrics.

The second of the five thrashy tracks on the E.P Romero is by far the best, it’s got everything any dark, modern, punk song should have; sing-alongs, gang vocals, pace, breakdowns, knackering drumming and deep, crisp riffery.

As far as sound-alikes go, this is the area where Bar Brawls & Downfalls needs a little tweaking; there is nothing particularly outstanding on the E.P, nothing revolutionary, nothing brave or different. For me, a punk banbd these days has to be absolutely out there to make it, look at Bouncing Souls, NOFX and Rancid, all punk, all different, and all superb.

That should not take too much away from this E.P, though, Haddonfield are a good band, they do nothing badly, they do several things well; there is just a lack of invention. Overcome that dilemma and, very much in the vain of Rise Against, Haddonfield is one British four-piece destined to go places.
(Russ Esssom)

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