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Vol 2 The kill
Apr 19, 2004
Alright like

i am holding another gig up toms, this time its an Easter Alldayer

It starts at 15:00 and ends at 23:00

i want ten bands

i already have a possiblilty that mendeed will play it (thier a scottish bands that are due to support cradle of filth!!!!)

but defos are

flatline - ponty scum rock
blackened soul - cwmdran death bringers
powerwordkill - the best band in merthyr
bulldozer - one of howlleys last show

so i need five more

i would like to get heresey and POF on the bill too (contact me guys)

anyone else

email me with

you band name
what style
you site addy
and your email

at: firelikeadeadstar@hotmail

"now lets not fuck around fella's"