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Jon Con

I smell like a winner
updated 13th Jan

14th January - Bridgend Rec - Tsunami Charity fund raiser w/In Cold Depth, Dynnasty, Dick Truth, Delaid, Platinum Black + loads more
20th January - Bridgend Tollhouse - w/ Shaped By Fate and Dynnasty (ex, AGD)
13th Feb - Clwb Ifor Bach - Unicef Appeal gig - w/AD7, Bedford Falls, El Sid, leberasm, 21 Meadow Street, Shaped By Fate, Along Came Man, Night and the City..., Panel + more tbc

hopefully we'll get some more dates sorted out pretty soon
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Alex - fgc

For the Kids
Hey guys, i spoke to Glyn about 22/1 and he said sort the line up order among ourselfs, so how we gonna do it? Have you heard itch? S'posed to be quite good.


Team Snakes.
whats the tollhouse like?

offered a gig there not long ago for feb in 2004 i think, anyway any good?

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
Darcy, in my opinion, the tollhouse is a wicked venue, although the turnout varies quite a bit, sometimes its packed and other times its been pretty quiet, really depends who you play with I guess but I reckon its worth playing there.

alex I'll PM you now bout the line up,


You Love Us
Good set last night....

playing the Rhondda Hotel? I didn't know they were letting bands play there again....

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
cheers mate, appreciate it, was cool just to be part of it, midasuno were fucking class

yeh rhondda still doin bands but being done through the people who own it i think. Just not poison whiskey any more.

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
updated 1st may

12th May - 24/7 Club Liverpool*- w/Strikeout, The Unhealthy, Ashes Gathering Dust
13th May - TOMs Treforest - w/Avatar, Ashes Gathering Dust +2tba
18th May - The Toad, Cardiff - BOTB
27th May - The Tollhouse, Bridgend - w/Shaped By Fate, Ashes Gathering Dust, Touched By Midas
13th June - 13 Club Glasgow -*w/ Tempercalm, Ashes Gathering Dust
18th August - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff - w/Avatar +more

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
the tollhouse gig we're supporting Broadzilla, check em out on the link below

(Website link expired & removed!)
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