First glimpse of the winners table....

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The Rossitron

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Feb 9, 2003
Moviestar Review + New Addition

StitchAndy said:
How could you forget Sam's glasses? Tut tut tut come on now people...he loses all sex appeal without glasses, no mojo...sort it out!

Sams trademark glasses have been added as they are after all the source of all his powers....

Also it is our greates of pleaseure to announce the addition of a new member to the Moviestar collective... *drum roll*

His name is Aled ( Codename: Salad ) he hails from the Heath in South Cardiffornia, he enjoys the simple things in life such as keeping the sausage wallet stockpiled with tenners, drinkin like a fish and smoking like a chimp.... he plays a mean guitar and smokes a fat bowl when hes not tucking into a gorilla salad!

Im sure you will all extend him the warmest of welcomes and worship him accordingly..

( the strait jacket is only temporary until he stops touching his man hammer.. Doctors orders)
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