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I am the Borg!
Wow, I didn't expect to find this looking through the mp3s. From a band I've never heard of before (if anyone else has please inform), The Physicists are apparently a Welsh outfit in operation somewhere. I love this track - how about you? Please leave your opinions in the gallery! On another note, I did a little Googling [though I admit not a great deal of it] trying to find out who this band were. All I really found apart from gig ads was a forum post on gay site Rainbow Network where they are described as "Welsh punk grrls, with 2 very sexy lesbians, think Morrisey female front woman and John Taylor (Duran Duran) female bassist". Get's my vote.



Temptation Is Dying
lol scary as fuck!

they sound like a punk wishing hour!

but i have heard there all lesbians????!!!!!!!!!! im sorry if im wrong lol!


six strings, 24 frets ;-)
When they call themselves the physicists, they aint jesting ;-) we're doing General Relativity and orbital motion - she sure knows her stuff
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