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I hear some of you screaming for a new song. Here's a change of tone in the form of metal, one of the hardest of all of God's creations. But POF are not here to shock this time. Stop on by on a slightlier mellower tone than usual with the mighty Prince Of Fochriw. Check their forum for more info, or to book them for a gig.



eris kaoss
nicely done POF

maybe it should say on the homepage it's an Alice in Chains cover though for the benefit of the kids on here who may not know like... maybe they will go and discover more Alice in Chains and that would be cool coz Alice in Chains are legends.


cheers for putting the song up organism!

prob my favourite song of all time! Alice in Chains are an incredible band, hugely underated i think! Was fun doing an acosutic version of the track!

I would suggest every1 check them out!!


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so how do we get to have a featured song?we have songs at themarharvellousangelpigwebsite.com in a folder called zetland rd.quite possibly a photo aswell:)any chance?:)

Richie J

Happy being sad
loving the PO motherfucking F
if you like this then check out their orginal stuff as well on myspace cos their new stuff is truly amazing, it'll blow your mind and its better than any thing else anyone else is doing in south wales at the moment!!1 no one can touch these guys at all!!! its an honour to say ive played with these guys and have actually had roachy as part of my band for a little while!!!! respect to POF your fucking amazing!!1 about time people started taking notice of how fucking awesome u are!!!!!!!!! keep it up


Karaoke with Swearing!
Can you get rid of this shit song! Every time I come on this fucking website I have to hear it!


Can you get rid of this shit song! Every time I come on this fucking website I have to hear it!
Shit song, the band are gays but the song is fucking incredible! Slagging of alice in chains is sacrilage bro! Greatest band all of time!!


Pass The Brylcreem
i will personally annihilate anyone who gives alice in chains shit...and i mean that.....
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