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The first noticable thing in the college gig is how many people you actually know.. and then, how many of them are your ex's!

Ebbw Vale college is a place where pretty much anything goes. Before the end of the night we'd seen some fighting.. some spewing... some mosh pit action and the same person getting thrown out about 3 times.

I dont even know who the first guy on the stage was but i could swear he was the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain. His hair all over his face and his clothes ripped to bits and faded... I was supprised by the ammount of tallent he possesed because as a Nirvana fan I did expect him to be some kind of rip off with bad voice and bad timing... because isnt that what nirvana fans do best :cool:

The first band I watched through was The UCA Chapter... I think with this band theres alot of negitivity which sometimes shows through the songs. This isnt actually a bad thing. The vocals emphasized the whole performance because we can hear Chris reaching out as far as he can. Its not easy to sing and play guitar as we are all under the understanding of... But fair play Chris couldnt have done a better job on the night...
The UCA Chapter had a fairly large following at the front of the stage, providing the support i think the band needed to get a kick start on things. Theres a lot of confusion within the UCA chapter because part of me thinks the music needs to be havier... But I dont really think thats what it is.. I dont know... If you altered the music it wouldnt be the UCA Chapter anymore!
I think they did run over on their set, but I dont really think anybody minded.
The put on a good show of fringe swining :D well done boyos.

OK, if i reveiw every band that played I'm going to be here all day... so il just kinhda highlight...

The Science Club... I'm sorry guys I missed you... I was gossiping in the toilets :S I heared good reveiws tho...

Lekta - Lekta have such a big following its hard to not sit and watch them to see what the fascination is about. Fair play to Gavin he gives all out everytime without fail. I could sense a little bit of syncronised jumping goin on with the strings department.. but other than that the performance shone..

Ill To Ruin... sorry, again I missed you guys.. I was outside...


By far the best band I've seen around here... Anterior seem to be having an entrance theme everytime they play the the college. The intro was outstanding. An excelent way to get the attention of the croud!
I was so proud of these boys! I dont think you could say one person lacked anything at all in the whole performance. Even though their set was cut short and some guys decided to shout through a mike which had fallen over amongst the on-stage chaos! No matter what seemed to happen Anterior managed to make an amazing performance, and be grateful they played... Even with all the setbacks.

Overall the college gig would have been better if I was drunk, but I wasnt.. and I still did enjoy myself.

£3.50 to see some top quallity bands and £1 a can! could you really go wrong?