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Mr T
yea man!!! but fair enough i did put a thread saying for bands to contact us so stuff could be sorted out, but no-one got 2 me!!! mav actually asked me to turn things down so it is down to the persons hearing. out in the crowd you could hear things pretty good like. its ova wiv now so lets stop bickering. u are the only band to not like the sound, so your expectation are way 2 high. dun worry u dont have 2 play there again!


Pass The Brylcreem
no ofenc jon i love u 2 bits but it shuld be up 2 u n fox hall 2 sort out the equipment u r d promoters u putin d gig on nt us, we r playin 4 u like. i dun mean 2 swnd like a sore losa cz i ain, mig were tight as fk n we were shit, ey deserved to wen but me n boog both agreed the swnd frm where we were playin wz shit, we culdn hear nething, i duno if thas cz the amps were to quiet n d drums were drownin d swnd out or wa but it wz prety shit like! like i sed dn take ofence by tha like!

but all da aside wa hapend wv em chavs afta wz there ne more trouble!?

bit besides the point...but what form of english are you using....i cant understand you mun...


Temptation Is Dying
the heat was all judges! thats y the crowd didnt vote! and there was only 2 bands playing so there was no real point because ppl dont know what they were doing. for example in heat one we had peopel voting for bands that pulled out like!!

and bitch for fuck sake! who the fuck do you think you are??? you are not some kind of rock god or anythin!!! and you are the only person to have a go at the venue and sound. other bands have said that they enjoyed playing. you are just sore that you didnt get through like. The sound was decent like we could not help the band equipment because it was up 2 you guys to sort that out.

do not reply to this because i dont want rollcage forum cluttered wiv shit so if you have anythin 2 say then please say it 2 my face.

well done to MIG

Lol giv it up now boys if i wer u! ;-)


Temptation Is Dying
ye only cause i feel bad like.......if u wont me carry on then i will!

end of the day i dun giv a fk u r the 1 tha wanted to speak to me face 2 face an then u post tha on dn! so i reckon i ws jus being nice by sayin leave it ther!

at the end of the day u probley wun belive me but i do like u as people like! ur nice guys like! not avin a pop @ u as ppl k!

an i dun think im some rock god by the way but i do hav trouble wid my ears frm gigs an tha so it does piss me off wen im playin an i cant fkin hear nout even toy mike trev wud b stresed wid tha like wen hes buskin!

Really wanna leave i there now, im in a good mood, i apoligise for pissin u off, up to u if u except it bt i aint arguin anymore!


an i dun think im some rock god by the way but i do hav trouble wid my ears frm gigs an tha so it does piss me off wen im playin an i cant fkin hear nout even toy mike trev wud b stresed wid tha like wen hes buskin!

hahahahahahahaa im reppin u 4 tha lol!!

yeh he always shoutin at the bum street engineers to turn up the monitors cos he cant hear himself sing!


Oh you efficient spelling mother fucker! Yes, i am quite aware of the short hand writing technique i use to talk on these forums. However, that does not make me a retard! Or Illiterate.

Thank you


Butchered at birth
bitch- youre such a fucking bitch! its great that we won but where is the rest of the competition? is this it? whats the prize?? and 'chavs'? 'trouble'? i missed all of this! to be honest i was steaming before i got there so i can barely remember playin...definately cant remember where the place is! but to me it seemed like a cool place and we would like to play there again sometime with some heavier bands !TFD!

BITCH YOU SOUND LIKE A LITTLE BABY CRYING. youve got a good band with tidy musicians and tidy blokes. so you had a bad gig so what....weve had many....youre a releatively new band and you have to work out the bugs. pissing off tidy promoters isnt the way to make TID popular!

but you have a point about the stage tho. that would have been cool...but i reckon i would have fallen off head first...so not so cool in a way

im the growler for made in germany btw if anyone hasnt realised
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