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and no I don't mean the festival (even tho yey less than a week!)
right you cat corpse punkstas, i got accepted to reading uni which means at the start of october i'll be leaving the pearly white shores of ponty and moving on to a far away land. i know this means you will all miss me terribly BUT guys you really have no choice in this matter, you played in fucking manchester and wherever the hell else random places in england you've played, you will now have to find some sorry ass pub in reading to give you guys a gig and then you can all crash at mine, coz i'm gonna be all alone up there and will begin to have cat corpse withdrawl symptoms!
so just to warn you in advance!
love ya all
hannah x


insanity claws
oi! fishy and who the hell is straight edge
Hannah is one of the original group of cat corpse followers, even before cat corpse.
Everyone should wish her good luck for the next few years and please can Marilyn and I stay at yours when I drag the bands up to Reading.


insanity claws
Sorry fishy, I should have known it was clarky.

Fishy when are you going to finish your art project your guitar has been photographed and I am going to make copies of it for the music muriel.

Hannah, what will you be studying?