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Party Commando

The Blackout
kids in glass houses

17th july 20000005

yea come down it should be fun.

i heard that derek from sum 41 and barry gibb from beegees fame are djing!


Party Commando
i heard that barry gibb has just dropped a reigning blood cover that the remaining beegees have recorded into his set and derek has the new tina turner album and its hott!

tina was sucking barry's cock under the dj table the other day, he dropped Haddaway in with REO Speedwagon and it was so good he did his highpitched scream for 40 seconds and shit pissed...tina was covered.


G-funk legend
old skool i am. Actually i am talking like 2003 i think. Im sure on sundays the shows down there started at 4. PLus............if they dont. THEY SHOULD, cos people could go and get home then


Party Commando
thanks to everyone from merthyr who came down it means so fucking much to us that youd make the trouble to support us in our valiant effort to write the ultimate chug.

thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for coming it was great to see so many faces!
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