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Gav LMT vocals

FrontMan Bassist/vocals
hey guys. Gavin here - last minute tragedy

just want to say u kicked ass last night, and done a really good set boys.
at least u got new people to listen to your music hey! cause youve got yourself new fans round here.

cant wait to do some gigs with ya,

see you soon,

Gav x

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
hey man thanks alot, really appreciate it and glad you liked us, i'll give you guys a shout if we've got anything coming up that needs bands. Also give us a shout if you're playing around cardiff or bridgend and I'll try come down for it.

nice one


chicks booze and music
yeah guys u were great i think that de battle of de bands has been a bit hard on some bands and kinder to others well as gav said cant wait 2 see u guys play "great set"
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