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LAP are a 4 piece metal/hardcore band currently based in Manchester. The band have just finished recording of there studio album and are getting ready to tour the UK in October to promote the release of the CD. The band have previously featured on Radio One's Rock Show and have recieved good reviews in some of the UK's biggest magazines.

Go check them out at www.purevolume.com/lap or www.myspace.com/lap

The tour dates are below. Please come if any are near to you.

13th – Manchester – Zumebar
14th – Southport – Fubar W/ Irrelevant Plea
15th – Rhyl – Dudley Arms W/ Irrelevant Plea
16th - Birmingham – Scruffy Murphys W/Irrelevant Plea/LITFO
17th – Stoke – The Glebe
18th - Reading – Purple lounge
19th - !!!!Need a gig here!!!
20th – London – Purple Turtle – W/our own Devices
21st – Oxford – The Sweatbox
22nd – Day off
23rd – Manchester (Satans)
24th – Day off
25th – Newcastle – The Dog & Parrott
26th – Glasgow Barfly
27th – Dundee – Westport bar
28th – Carlisle – The Brickyard

Please email paultowers1986@aol.com if you can help us out. We only ask for some cash towards petrol money

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So bands...

Leave your band names, links, mp3 links etc here...
www.myspace.com/takenfordead new mp3s up

mail us on k-opunch@hotmail.co.uk


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A Life of Nightmares are a five-piece metal/hardcore kick in the face. We are currently looking for gigs to get our name out there. Taking influences from diverse places from sick of it all to guns and roses and turning it on its head. We got a track on our site and a myspace page. Which are below.

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