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Ben G

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I ain't been over studio bar for years like. Who goes there these days? What is it like over there?

it cant be marsy

Nothing to do , but ...
Last time i went there the stage was down stairs in the corner, but i have heard the bowling ally is going and stage is going back were it use to be?


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it wasnt open lastnight.

the stage is going back to where it was.

all us merthyr goons still go there. theres a few youngsters who go now.

theres a selection of drinks for a quid now. getting pissed is even easier than before.


i still hate hippies
i still try and go every few weeks. i went every week for a month or two a few weeks back but living in swansea makes it harder.


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word freaking life broseph.

everyone chip in and we'll have a communal rock club.

exept i think its being turned into an indian restaurant.... because merthyr needs another one.
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