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Are You Who You Wanna Be?
Well, what can I say, one of the best gigs Ive ever seen, from start to finish, much respect to all involved... Opening band antifreeze are not the best band when it comes to being on record, but when it comes to live performances they know exactly what to do, tight and energetic, they blaze through a half hour of melodic emo, with the crowd enjoying themselves if not exactly getting into it. Hats off to them Audio Karate deserve to be huge. For a band only on their first album, they have a presence, talent and tightness of seasoned veterans. Theyre set of breakneck emo, punctuated with some genuinely jawdropping riffmanship courtesty of baby faced guitarist Jason Camacho. Most people here dont know Audio Karate, but if the crowds reaction to it is anything to go by, they will be remembered. for those who do know them though, the sets higlights "Nintendo 89" and "Senior Year" are belted out with utter joy. One quality hour of punk rock. Then its time for The Ataris. The atmosphere positivley buzzing, they take to the stage, a much slimmed down Kris Roe engages in a bit of banter with the front row, before breaking into opening song "Your Boyfriend Sucks". Its seat back, buckled in and hold on tight from there on in. If the supports were good, then The Ataris are a different league, leaving in no doubt that it is their show, and theyre gonna have a blast doing it. The set spans all four of theyre albums, as well as a few new ones, all of which sound pretty damn good. Set highligts include cover of the Jawbreaker song "boxcar" during which they are joined by the guitarist from Taffs Well punks, Douglas, bassist Mike Davenport's favurite band. For the encore, Kris comes on back on himself, and proceded to sing a song about a fan from Australia, who was dying and wrote to them thanking them for gettin her through a rough time, it marks the only real quiet point in the set, and the emotion in the packed venue is tangible. To end the set they go for the classic crowd pleasers, everyone goin wild when the infectious drum intro for "Teenage Riot" starts, and not really stopping till theyve played the last chord of crowd pleaser "San Dimas High School Football Rules". All in all a great night, if you missed it, haha, better luck next time, if you were there, you'll know what Im sayin, and if you dont know who the ataris are, you need to, soon, before theyre huge and everyone likes them...