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Well it was a strange gig in that every one was trying to get rid of thier tickets before the gig including myself, then our mini bus didnt turn up so Booly ended up driving us down there. Also when we got there we found that we had missed half of Alisters set which wasnt great, but i didnt even know that they were scheduled to play and thought they were some local crappy pop-punk band when i walked in, but i then heard that song off good old P-Rock which wasnt bad, their last song was weak i think it had something to do with the radio playing all my favorite songs which is load of crap really because all radio stations suck!

Then after one the shortest of breaks ever we got the worst band there on the nite Teen Idols who had the mini moshers moshing theyre brains out which was funny to watch especially when some random man from the back hit the singer in the head with a can, the main highlight of the set was josh pointing out that one of their songs was identical to blitzkrieg bop which it was, Roger from ltj made an appearence during their set helping out with vocals then fucking off again and thats was their set finished at this point i was extremely bored and was hoping that the pie tasters were going to be good.
Thankfully the pietasters were good they kinda had a two tone rude boy ska type thing going on which was cool, it was funky as hell and best thing about this band was that the keyboard player was totally wasted and performed a little freestyle vocals which was cool, the bassist seemed cool and every now and then he would just randomly scream which was highly amusing and the tromboneist was awesome and all their songs were about booze!

Any way it was now time for less than jake, all went dark and then suddenly the star trek theme comes on with a new message "these are the voyages of our fucked up band...... to boldly rock where no band has rocked before" and that set the tone for the set it was high energy stuff and despite the new song shes gonna break sucking the rest of the new album seems pretty good with quite a few more punky sounding songs any way they played all the classics just like frank etc. they went off then they came back on with Johnny Quest thinks were sellouts and All my best friends are metal heads which finished off the gig good and proper all in all not a bad gig i wasnt optimistic before going about the new album but i was impressed by the live performance and the new songs and by The Pie-Tasters who were damn good.

Overall Rating : 7/10 [cos the teen idols were awefull and i had to listen to them]
Best Band : Less Than Jake


Teen Idols rock the fuckin' place that night!!! Less Than Jake were good, but not the most explosive live band...

Pietasters were fucking boring and Allister were trying too hard to be Green Day