Album reveiw in the western telegraph 20th MArch

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eris kaoss
Dec 6, 2004


Album reveiw in the western telegraph 20th MArch

Witty, spiky, chaotic and cerebral

Huckabees - Freaky Fortnight (TidyLike Records) For those who like their music witty, spiky, chaotic but cerebral, look no further.

There is enough great sloganeering here to print a hundred T-shirts. My favourite? "My brain is living on borrowed time".

This rocks all aesthetic and is really quite cleverly constructed, from the endearing tone deaf singer to the early Sub-Pop chops and production values, to the conscious English accent and phrasings that explode Bjelland-like when they should.

Is this post-postmodernism? The artificial that is in fact more real than the facsimile?

No pastiche, no parody, no snafu, no foldy roll, just the dig of the neu sounds.

L.Dopa .