A Kid Called Power

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Nov 13, 2002
Got another show for you kiddies.

BRUTAL FIGHT our religious but entertaining buddies from the States bring their Chugga-Chugga-Dun brand of hardcore to the UK shores for the second time.

I ADAPT icelandic hardcore. Fast and hectic.

LAST HOURS OF TOURMENT dark metal with beatdowns. possibly London's most underated metal band.

TENFOLD TRUTH metalcore which will rattle your bones. Fast, metal, tuff.

INCOHERENCE tech metal attack, who cover the eye of the tiger.

A KID CALLED POWER south wales' new bread of hardcore punk, with some new material and a new cover [Hate the police-The Dicks] for you to get your teeth around.

ANDY IN FLAMES ex-vocalist with Wake Up In Flames brings us an upside down acoustic set with famous covers by such legendery punk/hardcore bands as 7seconds, Sick Of It All, H20 etc.

all kicking off at TJ's this Sunday. 5bones for all these amazing bands. Doors open at 5 [i think]