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National Cunt
last nite me and a few buddys went drinkin up aberdare park after half a bottle of whisky and 6 cans i started walkin linny home on my way back i seen this guy we were talkin to earlier and i lent him a rolly. and he give me a can, he asked me where i live and i sed in godreaman, he goes jesus why not come back and sleep at mine, me being extremly drunk accepted his offer so after about 2 hours of walkin i fell and he disappered but i still had his cans so i drank em got up and found sum motorway i thought would lead me home but obviously it dint. i waz runnin up this motorway for about 2 hours and it wernt leadin nowhere so i tryed hitching sum guys pulled over beat me and went they turned around so i dived into the forestry where i found my slef tangled up in barbed wire. so i thought fuck this got back on the motorway and started walking the way i had come. after a long time of walkin this kind old taxi man pulled over and said wanna lift. so he drove me to aberdare then started walkin home and got pulled over by the coppers about 20 mins later and asked me if i planned on stealin a car i fell into i sed no i dunno how to drive. they cops found this funny for sum reason and he got his gloves out and i sed i got to search u. i told him u better not be goin where i think u are and he started laughin dun a quick search and give me a breathlizer and sed i should take u home if ur over the 20 mark i waz 72 and they sed considerin u entertained us we'll just drop u off i sed sound and went home. and now i got cuts and brusies all over me
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eris kaoss
OMG deathwish or what - Fishy that is so dangerous. a buddy of mine lost his life in Scotland coz he woz wanderin round the roads pissed argh I am worried bout you u dumbass


Tidy Darts !!
you feckin arsehole ha ha. Motorway near Aberdare park???? you were really off ya tits then.


All Hail The Dead
motor way at the end of hirwaun ?? mate you were walking the wrong way couldn't have ended up in A) Merthyr B) Swansea/Neath (depends on how far you would have been willing to walk) C) Brecon Beacons lol


eris kaoss
The song FreakyFortnight wrote about this is up on www.myspace.com/freakyfortnight and here's the lyrics

I knew a guy, he died too soon
Always searching for the moon
Filled with courage from the bar
He liked to wander oh so far
One night he wandered out of town
And on a roadside he was found

Don't give up on being young

I know a guy he's still alive
Always trying to touch the sky
Filled with Strongbow from the Spar
He got in a strangers car
Got a ride to out of town
But he came back he's still around

Don't give up on being young