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    bookin mine 2day aha, ne 1 gotta bus goin up coz me aint got transport yet?
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    i need on a bus

    me gettin me tikets 2dday for download , has ne1 gotta bus goin up on the second day??
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    Taking Back Sunday Dates again

    cool, brand new r supportin? i saw em lst sat again! fekin awesome better than the headliners FINCH.
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    Taking Back Sunday Dates

    oooh, do u knw if count the stars are playin wiv em again? i heard a rumour that either them or rufio are playin wit em?? rumour or the beautiful truth?
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    2nd gig from FreeFallPromotions!!!!!!!!!

    hmmm, so people wants pedro, the nuns or spank daddy aye? hehehe we'll keep u informed when we find the perfect support band for thisgreat nite! hehehehheeee
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    2nd gig from FreeFallPromotions!!!!!!!!!

    On Friday the 4th of april FreeFallPromotions proudly presents....................wait for it......... WHITMORE & SPANKBOY and local suppport tba £5 buks ticket and £6 on the door!!! it gunna be a good un...............hehehe
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    Free Fall Promotions Presents.......

    not to worry people, still guna be one hell of a show!!! worth every penny!!heheheee
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    lubby nugget???

    well i like em, but that aint enuff !hehehe,
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    lubby nugget???

    fair opinion
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    a proper poll about proper issues

    DUDE i got a full on robot chubby!!!1 speakin of top class films, THE GOONIES!!!
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    lubby nugget???

    well, they mite be a chance of them playin very close
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    Deconstruction 2003 Lineup

    Yeh on mmy birthday again!!!1 whoo hoooQQ
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    lubby nugget???

    well the more people who do reply who like em! wiln due time will be very happy i!! a proper explanation will come in due time!!
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    lubby nugget???

    very imortant if u like em1! does ne1 like lubby nuggett?
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