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  1. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*


    I liked Science and wanted him to stay, but after a bit he ddo my heading. i want carloto win i do :)
  2. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Any promoters out there?? plaese take pity on us and give us a gig...

    ask fishy.. hes got his own thing with toms bar..
  3. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Sick yet very funny joke

    poeple are being like omg thas fucking sick you shouldnt be saying shit like this.. but then in a few months everyones gona be sying jokes about it... everywhere u go is gona be pople saying jokes about the bombing.. x
  4. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    emo hair

    haha jack is in tha film..
  5. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    sooo..ahh..student night..

    haha yea, but then she asked him if he would like to be a bouncer there lol
  6. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Fave gigs!!

  7. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    downloading blah blah blah

    i use WINMX an thas retty gud..
  8. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    time 4 a change?

    hahah i bet lol
  9. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    time 4 a change?

    ajay u cunt..
  10. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Press Release from RM's Rock Club.

    haha well raab, its gona have to do nowhere else really to go..
  11. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    for uber geeks onlyy !!

    i duno, i might be able to..
  12. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Press Release from RM's Rock Club.

    kinda gay really, but all gud things come to an end.. will it still be a student night on a thursday?? looks like its newpert from now on en
  13. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    fat women smell of sprouts

  14. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*


    i voted for the grass snake lol. only cuz im shbit scared of them
  15. *RomEo_MuST_DiE*

    Punk Bands wanted!

    fishy ur a cunt hun.. :)