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  1. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    Best Local band 2007 (Poll)

    errrrrrr, coronajones deserve a mention i think
  2. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    the messengers

    wank wank wank wank wank. was fucking shit. i dont know if it was the cinemas fault or what. but i saw a boom microphone in nearly every shot of the film, completely ruined the film for me. i advise u go see it though, it was unbelievable, everyone in the cinema was laughing they're tits off at...
  3. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    blades of glory

    oh the quotes are killer, but i doubt they'll top anchorman. GREAT ODINS RAVEN!
  4. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    blades of glory

    watched it last night. was awesome, only me an my mates found it really funny. its not as good as anchorman, but i think its better than talladega nights. some amazing quotes in this one again. id watch it again. anyone else seen it yet? i know pie would want 2
  5. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy


    this film wa fucking awesome. i loved it. infact, i wanna go to judges fancy dressed as a spartan. its the same with all adaptations of things, i havnt heard many people bitching about how inaccurate the titanic was, but that had some fantastic cinematography. an its got some awesome lines in...
  6. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    The Hills Have Eyes II

    i preffered it to the first one. but i dont find them scary at all, just disturbing.
  7. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy


    i want to say yes, but i know i'll get abuse if i do
  8. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy


    i think i'll be going, if my cars working that is
  9. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    For Sale Car stereo

    the signed picture will fetch £70 alone i think
  10. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    the Full Ponty

    £26? i can see most of those bands in the fuckin studio bar
  11. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    fuck me im bored

    i hope so. her daughters super hot.she's got legs up to her chin. perfect woman, hot daughter, lots of money, owns a place that serves beer
  12. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    best/worst live band?

    so live bands? best ive seen; lamb of god, new found glory, system of a down worst; team sleep and slayer theres my 2 cents
  13. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    Download Festival '07

    dream theater will kick the ass of any band ive ever seen up till now i hope. i mean, they're fucking awesome. granted they'll only proberbly play like 5 songs cause they're song are so fucking long, but still
  14. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    Reading 07

    im gonna buy a reading ticket and if the bands on the side stages are any good i'll go, if not i'll sell it on ebay for an obscene amount of money
  15. Ricky a.k.a Rape Boy

    Download Festival '07

    fuck it, im getting a weekend ticket. just added to the bill on friday. dream theater, im so there like. its a kick in the tits that MCR are headlining above them though