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  1. redlightdistrictdrummer

    rld have no drummer

    i quit bout a month ago so says it all!! but be prepared for bass player pete lamb of white monkey an singer of whit monkey keiron ( sorry if i spelt it wrong) and me 2 form a new band on the scene!!!!
  2. redlightdistrictdrummer

    aberfan festival 3rd july

    thank u ceri xxxxx
  3. redlightdistrictdrummer

    aberfan festival 3rd july

    its a gig tho an dun mock us jst cos we got a place down there hehehe
  4. redlightdistrictdrummer


    hey wicked video...... i voted so there u go............ well done for getin on scuzz an hope u do well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. redlightdistrictdrummer

    aberfan festival july 3rd

    one hot puppet red light district finn are playin at aberfan festival on july 3rd ne1 going....???
  6. redlightdistrictdrummer

    Monsters take a break

    wicked ......... hope u get the shite sorted.. we got on bbc radio wales so i was happy wiv dat... well dun for getin on national didnt hear it tho
  7. redlightdistrictdrummer

    aberfan festival 3rd july

    we playin in he aberfan festival this year along wiv FINN and ONE HOT PUPPET...last year there was over 2500 ppl so its a big gig for us this year..... ne1 going????
  8. redlightdistrictdrummer

    Find a man for nadia!

    i would hahahahaha
  9. redlightdistrictdrummer


    ah nope hehe sorry
  10. redlightdistrictdrummer


    wicked line ups lol go aimee wiv the wicked line ups lol
  11. redlightdistrictdrummer


    pie its ur birthday, happy birthday pie, pie its ur birthday, happy birthday pie!!! we know wot u gonna doin :pint: :flashing: :barf: :pint: : :upside:
  12. redlightdistrictdrummer

    The Real McFly

    wish i ad breasts tho!!!!!
  13. redlightdistrictdrummer

    The Real McFly

    haha apart from the flat breasts an smooth legs (they look smooth neway)
  14. redlightdistrictdrummer

    all dayer

    oh ok then.... ne way i like it an many ppl do lol