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  1. Psyclodia

    Forges Thoughts For The Week 4/12/11

    I find it very amusing that Forge was with me when I bought my very first Vibrator lol We saw this really creepy business man in a suit and a brief case looking at the huge black dildos!!!
  2. Psyclodia

    Today I Love............

    What car did you get? Today I Love not starting work till 5.
  3. Psyclodia

    INTRODUCE YO'SELVES: Class Of 2011/2012

    I wouldn't call it singing.
  4. Psyclodia

    Random gayness

    classic blog ;)
  5. Psyclodia

    places to gig in the valleys

    You need explain, they play doomy sludge and I can't see elliotts loving that kind of music.
  6. Psyclodia

    Today I Hate.........

    I hate that I have shit loads of Uni work to do.
  7. Psyclodia

    Today I Love............

    Today I love that I have a week off :)
  8. Psyclodia

    Today I Love............

    Reading Illuminati conspiracy blogs.......I swear, I just spent my whole day off reading them today eeek.
  9. Psyclodia


    I got Married in Canada up in the rocky Mountains in the snow in combat boots ;) I joined Uni and stayed and just started my last year of degree wooohooo My Kids are now 10 and 8!!!!!!! I'm in a Job that I'm really passionate about and feel like I make a difference. Turning 30 In New Orleans In...
  10. Psyclodia

    Today I Love............

    Reading through old threads on here. Had a awesome day in work, all the young people were happy to speak to us on the streets tonight yay!!
  11. Psyclodia

    Today I Hate.........

    People reading the computer over your shoulder ..........FUCK OFF!!! People feeling the need to touch you on the arm or leg when talking to you.
  12. Psyclodia


    My Husband cried when he finished New Vegas and he has become attached to SkyRimming for the xbox. I had pre orderd the new Zelda with golden controller for the Wii but I cant touch it till crimbo *cries*
  13. Psyclodia

    The what are you watching thread? (TV show related)

    The Killing Game Of Thrones(books are epic too) The Big Bang Theory. Luther Big Love Weeds Kirstie's Home Made Home Dispatched Frozen Planet.
  14. Psyclodia

    Rate the song above you

    Fucking terrible 1/10 could you not see the video then?