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  1. pickefoo

    Whats the time NOW?!

  2. pickefoo


    there's always 2022, the 20 year anniversary of the EP!
  3. pickefoo

    TJs up for auction- £170,000 apparently

    Too many: Symposium A Ash Mad Caddies Lightyear The Ataris Bouncing Souls The Vandals Bis I'm sure there's millions more
  4. pickefoo

    Today I Love............

    Here's a picture I took of Ross speeding up Nantgarw Hill..
  5. pickefoo

    Today I Love............

    Today I love having curry and chips for dinner in an attempt to combat my cold.
  6. pickefoo

    Today I Hate.........

    I now have a proper flu, alas I work from home so I can just lie down on the Ikea settee in my computer room and watch videos on youtube just waiting for some calls to come in. Nice.
  7. pickefoo

    the what are you into now thread

    Oh and MILLIONAIRES! who are probably now my favourite band ever
  8. pickefoo

    the what are you into now thread

    I'm just back into everything I was into when I was 17 again. Manic Street Preachers Bis Hole Elastica Bush The Explosion The Wildhearts AFI New Found Glory Sonic Youth Tad Surprise ones: Cher Lloyd Tinie Tempah Bring Me The Horizon all 3 of those I think are storming as fuck.
  9. pickefoo

    Today I Hate.........

    next door's plumbing is still fucked and they're students and have now gone home until the start of january.
  10. pickefoo

    Rate the song above you

    I saw Four Letter Word in there for a sec and for some reason thought it was the Cardiff band. 6/10 for the song. 9/10 for zoey deschanel. The Soviettes "Multiply & Divide"
  11. pickefoo

    places to gig in the valleys

    The Factory (i.e The Pop Factory) has started gigs again, but I think that's all external promoters. Clwb Y Bont in Pontypridd do a few gigs too.
  12. pickefoo

    Today I Love............

    Rhondda tradition butt. Then you get a full month of Christmas joy. 25th to the 25th. Bah Humbug. When do you put them up? Christmas Eve at 10pm :P Bah Humbug
  13. pickefoo

    Today I Hate.........

    My next door neighbours plumbing system. It's all kinds of fucked up. Every time they run the fucking tap it sounds like Joey Jordison is warming up for a gig. Now they've started putting the heating back on for the Winter there's a constant dinny hum from the house. Fucking cunts with your...
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