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  1. it cant be marsy

    For Sale Thunderbird Bass Epiphone

    Sorry Mate, Bass is sold.
  2. it cant be marsy

    Where are they now??

    JailBait Darcy - Plays rugby for ebba vale?, works full time and living with his misses Chugga - Works full time in Swansea Uni Marsy - Im Working on my new tracks, currantly making Hardcore Dance + Electro, Also finshing my Uni Accounting course this year. Working P/Time in Matalan...
  3. it cant be marsy

    Synth/DJ Wanted For Electro (Daft Punk/Justice) Style Band

    Hi, Im looking to team up with someone that wants to start up a electro style band. My influances are Daft Punk, Justice etc. Iv never done anything like this before so want to give it a try, as its something differant than the usual rock band. So if you fancy it, drop me a pm. Like i said...
  4. it cant be marsy

    Midasuno, Gone For Good?

    When bulls play god, is an awsome buy and i recommend a listen to anyone who ant heard it.
  5. it cant be marsy

    where are all the gigs?

    The guy that owns or maybe use to own the masons is a legend.
  6. it cant be marsy

    Midasuno, Gone For Good?

    The boys wont give up though, i know they'll get something else on the go
  7. it cant be marsy

    where are all the gigs?

    Before i remeber there wasnt any like 'gigs' in aberdare.. were there be 3 or 4 bands, and that mainly people would go to see the bands. So what we did (the band) is have to play the local pubs. simply calling into the white lion, the rock, bonkee etc etc to ask for a gig on a fri/sat night. Ok...
  8. it cant be marsy

    Midasuno, Gone For Good?

    A sad moment
  9. it cant be marsy

    Midasuno, Gone For Good?

    Heard a rumour today that Midasuno have called it a day? Is this true?
  10. it cant be marsy

    BTRMW July

    Blackout Crew - Put a Donk on it :boohoo:
  11. it cant be marsy

    where are all the gigs?

    Hmm it is shame, praps its coz youngsters dont do bands anymore
  12. it cant be marsy

    The Blackout's new direction...?

    Haha mate this tune is the fucking awsome! Cracks me up everytime. Its always on the jukebox in my much i got probily sing it all. Sick
  13. it cant be marsy

    Its Good forge son!, what you using to create those beats
  14. it cant be marsy

    like the blackout?

    Noticed they have made it onto the main stage reading and leeds, v.good