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    UNEMPLOYED DAYTIME DISCO #8 - "WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER"... “All I'm out for is a good time - all the rest is propaganda.” ― Alan Sillitoe, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning WE ARE FROM THE SLUMS OF CARDIFF... It's disco number 8 no need to pay at the g8 and we don't mind if you're l8 ...
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    Music Video new little eris music video shot in cwmaman, aberdare

    So Many Nights
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    Sublive presents.. FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND "Fresh from playing the major festivals this year and with a greatest hits record and tour out the welsh boys return for a homecoming show at Cardiff's newly reopened venue , the Coal Exchange." SAVE YOUR BREATH...
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    Sublive presents.. THE BUZZCOCKS ""The Buzzcocks are nothing short of a legendary name in British music. Formed in Bolton in 1976 they are a massive influence in punk rock, power pop and indie rock and remain a relevant and formidable live band to this day On Thursday 3rd December the newly...
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    Sublive presents.. PROPAGANDHI PROTEST THE HERO STRIKE ANYWHERE BLACKHOLE "Propagandhi tour the UK in full in support of their most recent full length Supporting Caste." Wednesday 2nd December @ Cardiff coal exchange Doors 7:30pm | Tickets £13adv Available NOW from /...
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    crap alien fight

    Flapsandwich Vs Little Eris :p
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    Multiple Tracks download my 'little eris' DIY bedroom album thing free

    helloooo here is something i made and you can download it and listen to it if you want! 13 tracks of lo-fi experimental electro grunginess you might like you might not wotever really! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 little eris molecules R
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    Help me realise a vinyl dream!? PLS!!!!

    Hey peoples! I did a remix of a Sicknote track and it has 1 in 10 chance of being picked to being the B Side on their forthcoming Vinyl of Death Before Employment Anyway... I am winning the poll!!! 9 hours to go tho! Anything can happen! So, here I am returning to my Dragonninja roots to ask...
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    4th annual vegstock - Vegstock 2008 - 30th August - 100 - UK - i heard they still lookin 4 few more bands check out the spazz but pls keep it discreet on forums etc like no postin directions and stuff. cool
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    For fans of NIN & QOTSA Clwb ifor bach AUG 21st

    mad this will defo be worth checkin out!!
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    where are all the gigs?

    i would come but i live i moved to Cardiff now. i gave up on trying to organise / wanting to go to good things so moved here where there are good things every night! YAY! for example I am goin out around 11 to see the this band rhythm method who I hope to catch before havin a bit of a dance then...
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    i like x : )
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    little eris new project + vegstock

    hello aint beein on here for a while. it don't look like much goin on here anyway! hehe freaky fortnight aint doin much at the mo so I have started a solo project. it very different to freaky fortnight stuff. The project is called Little Eris - Little Eris - Caerdydd : ) /...
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    Kyshera/Order of Chaos/First Among Equals/Dean Kraig Emerson

    THIS FRIDAY init Kyshera ....¬ - First Among Equals - Cardiff, UK - Punk / Rock / Alternative - - Order of Chaos - Cardiff, UK - Metal / Rock / Other -
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    Crazy band in Cwmaman tomorrow - HUMBLE GRUMBLE

    Humble Grumble play wacky music similar to Gong and Zappa (they are in fact sponsored by the Hungarian Zappa Association!) if you like Gogol Bordello you will like the gypsy punk vibe of this band and also if you like The Cardiacs you may like this band too they share that wacky time changes...