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    my big fat gypsy wedding took over my life they sell jagermeister everywhere you dont need a laptop for the internet anymore i opened a coffee shop Exit_International a harvester opened in merthyr!
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    the what are you into now thread

    we have a new forum catchphrase! i want to see a youtube video of ross saying it :)
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    Then and Now (photo thread)

    I've got something to admit.... i know what happened to barrie and twm-o... i snuck into their rooms and ate their missing body mass when they were sleeping! :) pics to follow. x
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    the what are you into now thread

    Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi this is all i ever listen to.
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    INTRODUCE YO'SELVES: Class Of 2011/2012

    My name is Elliott and im still an absolute nightmare. i got my password on the second time around.
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    Bassist available

    cool! :) we practice at unit 40 in trefforist dont know if thats a nightmare for you to get to or not? and in al fairness. our influences do range from every time i die to kasabian like. we just got together pretty randomly through an intrest in punk music. im not sure what day prac is this...
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    Bassist available

    theres some songs of a few band practices on this page dude, Elliott Lowell Pulman on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads our influences are mostly punk to be fair. but if you like foos and jew theres a fair bit of common ground. if you dont like it, thats cool...
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    yeah i went, i caught your set and left after that.. i know it wasnt as tight as youd have liked it to be like, but i still thought the set was banging.
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    im coming, im trying to round up ze troops unall
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    Wanted Recording equipment

    sorry for the late reply butt, my mics are worse than yours. if you wanted them for spares you could make me an offer like.
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    The Best in town?

    coincidence that i've just been listening to this round jonnys. its a minefield talking about the blackout aint it, i've got a mix of good and bad opinions like... id prefer to watch them live than listen to their albums. ill just say that.
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    Wanted Recording equipment

    got some drum mics i want to get rid of, and a small behringer mixer 10 channel i think(2 xlrs and the rest are stereo jacks) ill have a look what nick their in...i think around 80 for both like. ill try and get pics up soon.
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    Swine flue Emergency number!

    sounds like the main ingredient of george w bush's breakfast. swine flue eh? old new already...are we in another recession yet? or has something else happened. i try not to keep up with ze news.
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    Self diagnosis and self medicating

    pepto bismol is a dream!! ross, i dont envy you ive seen hardened men reduced to tears with ingrowing toenails. dosent look like fun.