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  1. pedobear vs stepahnie

    pedobear vs stepahnie

    its hard to tell who is winning lol
  2. fuck yeah

    fuck yeah

    see above
  3. off to the rape van

    off to the rape van

    erm self explainitory i hope lol
  4. family planning

    family planning

  5. cyber akuma


    ain't the guy in the glasses the guy off of just shoot me he was the only thing entertaining in that a geeky loner that has absolutely nothing going for him in life that will only ever be famous when the police find his dead mother hanging in the basement
  6. cyber akuma

    I miss...

    i miss when people weren't offended by the word cunt i miss alnight gaming sessions with welly and the boys i miss sobriety i miss centurions i miss my plush snarf i miss getting drunk and not having to worry about a 60 year old drunken swinger shaking hands with beef i miss not having standards...
  7. cyber akuma

    The Easter Knight!

    that helmet would be toppled by the mighty terry's chocolate orange one of them used as a flail will take out proper armour let alone mint aero armour
  8. cyber akuma


    suppose not but i have to bug her anyway because i'm a drunk obsessed with boobs and personally i'm a leg man and obsessed with stripey stockings and midgets so any chance theres a bridgette the midget lookalike around here there is just something about a girl that you can stuff in a suitcase...
  9. cyber akuma


    need more boobs cum on gemma...
  10. cyber akuma

    PS3 sweep.

    say bye bye to dual shock they been sued senseless over it since they stole it of someone else they could use the design but they'd have to pay royalties to another company and that just ain't up sony's street sony are planning a price slash on the psp in jap/us and pretty much a guaranteed...
  11. cyber akuma

    Last Game You Bought?

    its pointless getting the jap version if you don't speak japanese coz it is a full on rpg with all capcom and namco characters i think you can get it in the US can't fucking remember but it has an alright combat system and loads of street fighter characters but again learn the jap talk and play...
  12. cyber akuma

    post a pic of ur boobs

    thank fuck for internet porn half the wait no pervy vendors ands 50 billion times the filth god bless the geek that thought the internet up and god bless all his geeky mates for filling it with porn
  13. cyber akuma


    thats the best thing you've ever said BOOBS GODDAMMIT BOOBS gemma i told you saturady you got to get your nipples out in the next pic and leave them up or i won't put up the video of my penis puppet show
  14. cyber akuma

    Dont Copy that Floppy! hahaha

    that rapper is now a crack addict so the moral of the story is don't copy games it will turn talentless rappers into crack addicts
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