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Single Track Man Of The Hour - A Modern Day Epic, out now on ze interweb

Available on most digital stores, hope ya enjoy! :)

Music Video Midasuno - A Machine The Rythm Thief

YouTube - Midasuno 'A Machine The Rythm Theif'

Note 'thief' is spelled incorrectly in YouTube video title.

Music Video Maddie Jones - Could You Be My Rock and Roll?

From Colour Me In EP - out October 23rd 2015.
Written by Maddie Jones and Matthew Evans (KEYS).
Crowdfunded on Maddie Jones: New EP - With Your Help! on PledgeMusic.


Also on Amazon mp3, Deezer and more.

Find Maddie:

Documentary The Blackout Tour Diary

The Blackout Tour Diary - YouTube


Music Video So Near by tiny cuts

My first post on here in around 6 years, when I used to make music videos for Stitched Up, Caesura and Random Words. Back making music videos - and music, too - so please check out this vid for the debut track So Near by tiny cuts. Muchos nachos!


Music Video Dodgem-X Mr Bond,I've Been Expecting You


Music Video Dodgem-X - Straightjacket


Music Video New cardiff based band music video 'Skunkadelic - Final Hour' Please give a watch =)

New Music video for Cardiff act Skunkadelic

Skunkadelic ft. Louis Vines and Ruby Samba - Final Hour (Official Video) - YouTube

Live Video the long tenon - entropy

bit rough (one mic only) but still sounds alright I reckon :)


Multiple Tracks Replaced by Robots (free downloads)

Music Video Jets to Zurich - Pyramids


Music Video Magden Audio - No Fate But What We Make

My mates band.. check em out




hope you enjoy


Music Video new little eris music video shot in cwmaman, aberdare

So Many Nights


Music Video Jerry O'neill - Chappers and Doz Remix (Original song by Pilot Fish)

Jerry O'neill - Chappers and Doz Remix Feat Aberdare People
Starts with Mal Pipe ;)

Multiple Tracks the long tenon - soundcloud

Single Track The Story So Far - Sacrifice of the Broken Promise

The Story So Far - Sacrifice Of The Broken Promise



  • The_Story_So_Far_-_Sacrifice_Of_The_Broken_Promise.mp3
    5.4 MB · Views: 262

Official CD Release Songs From The Soil

The Pain`s new album,songs from the soil,is now out,recorded in remotest mid wales between oct 08 - march 09,it has 12 tracks,it will be self released,and has different musical ranges from punky reggae to punk to hardcore.



  • 05 Thank God.mp3
    2 MB · Views: 278

Multiple Tracks download my 'little eris' DIY bedroom album thing free


here is something i made and you can download it and listen to it if you want!

13 tracks of lo-fi experimental electro grunginess

you might like you might not wotever really!



  • 01 Short Time.mp3
    1.3 MB · Views: 266
  • 02 Internet Really Sux.mp3
    2.7 MB · Views: 283
  • 03 Death of a Princess.mp3
    2.3 MB · Views: 267
  • 04 Karma to You.mp3
    2 MB · Views: 183
  • 05 Don't Stop.mp3
    2.7 MB · Views: 191
  • 06 Ice Power.mp3
    2.7 MB · Views: 199
  • 07 ENERGY.mp3
    1.5 MB · Views: 171
  • 08 Death it's Out There (remix of sicknote).mp3
    3.2 MB · Views: 207
  • 09 I Met You.mp3
    1.5 MB · Views: 187
  • 10 Particles.mp3
    2.3 MB · Views: 191
  • 11 Catch a Spirit.mp3
    1.5 MB · Views: 182
  • 12 Dreamer.mp3
    3.5 MB · Views: 181
  • 13 Bounce Back.mp3
    2 MB · Views: 188

Single Track fishy - lumpen of dysfunction

short song i made



  • lumpen of dysfunction.mp3
    1.4 MB · Views: 365