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Random gayness

Sorry its been awhile, not that anyone reads my ramblings...

Was just talking to my tgirl (transexual girl) friend about whether men are cunts or not. *ponders* I suppose she can see it from both sides. But...

I'm saying no, mainly because there's one guy whos making me feel so special now...

...his name is Pingu. He's a dildo that was bought for me from my other special guy. Haha. Well its great. Dildos should take over the world like. :)
I been really scared lately. I been pondering...


i was gonna delete my old blogs earlier because they are so embarrassing i don't even know who i was whinging over :|

cant believe the time has passed

that its going to be a new year again. my how times have changed an gone.
i'd like to say "i miss the good old days" buy im just looking forward to seeing what new things are around the corner :)
anyways, i should really be sleeping, work in the morning. night x

Same old stuff

Well , im bored. Noone will probably ever read this anyways. Its deader than a nans fanny around here. Nevermind, been living with the parents for 7 months now, food is good but I need to get out of this town before I turn into a pikey. On the plus side, I only have a few months left in uni, then im finally qaulified! Earning some bucks then! CERRRCHINNG!

been a while

i gotta say i miss this place.
glad to see theres some music of decent bands you can still listen to.


out x

Thursday 10 April comes around quick ....

Ok so there is no importance to this date for me, but I thought it would make my blog look more edgy that it is. Still living in good ol' Ponty. Only got 2 months left though, then its back to Tredegar with the parents for a year (well maybe). Im hoping I can gather some money and move back out as soon as possible!!
Not much going on at the momment with me, On work experience, which I'm really enjoying. Drinking stupid amounts of alcohol and doing stupid things as usual. I've learnt to...


I so dont wana go to work today :(
I wana just lie in bed all day, Its one of those days .
I had some mad dreams last night, that I will never repeat!
Great summer this year, Magaluf was an experience, Wont go again but I really enjoyed myself ( maybe a little too much :S).
Reading was amazing. I knew it would be , it was awesum, but im gutted its all over .
But then, moving back to Ponty a week today ! Which is exciting !!
Althought it means more essays and exams!! But I am going to...


havent been on here for yonks!

For the new year

I'm in the final year of my uni course doing music performance and have started doing my specialised project. For this I'm going to be focusing on how feasible it is for an unsigned band to organise and carry out a tour in the US for a couple of months. The band I'm in Sennah want to try and go on tour in the US for a couple of months at the end of the year and figured I'd write up about it, do a running diary/blog on there and try and get a shitload of information up online for unsigned...

Best fucking summer EVER

May 17th -20th: ATP vs The Fans; Butlins, Minehead.
May 25th: Grant's Birthday, Bristol
May 26th: Australia v Wales; Walkabout, Birstol
May 27th: Dot to Dot Festival; Nottingham
June 7th: Daneil Kitson; Glee Club, Cardiff
June 15th: Ricky Gervias; Bristol
June 16th: Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Klaxons, CSS; Hyde Park, London
June 20th: Arctic Monkeys, CIA, Cardiff
June 29th: Chris' Birthday; Nottingham
July 21st: Bright Eyes; Eden Project, Cornwall
August 4th: England v Wales; Twickenham...


its been like almost 2yrs since ive been on here (myspace has taken over) and ive been looking at my little entries i would have though after this amount of time i would have wised up to boys and their ways, also gone to uni and stuck too it.
I miss the days of RMs with 2 pints for £3 and pole dancing and snogging the randoms all the be 17 again...:pint: heres to the old days



So I havent posted in a long time, but seeing as people like Organism can even post something, I think its about time I did !!

Im currently living in queen street treforest , Only got a week left then I move out ! My first ( technically second) Year is over!
Im gutted ! But im moving down by the pink shop in september its going to be brilliant .:cheers:

Im going to Magaluf in a few weeks too, which isnt really my scene but im sure ill have an awesum time! Im also going to reading fest...

Hint to self:

Don't buy random crap off the intarweb, even if it only ?6 and has the words "LIMITED EDITION!!!" on it...


hmmmmm yeah so im really <-----------------------------------------------------thisbored------------------------------>


gonna be selling some stuff on there soon





fob new albums been


have some new ones//

//post them in a bit


thers nothing good on the tele