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Who's in charge around here then?


New member
Evening! :)

I'm having a bit of a go at running a website to advertise and review gigs in Aberdare and the surrounding areas and want to point people towards this forum as part of it. Would anyone have any objections to that?

My aim is to have one place to look and find out who's playing where and on what date. I want to try and do my bit to promote the local music scene, and encourage any sort of live music.

The site's Aberdare Music | Gig guide and reviews for the Aberdare area. It's a work in progress at the minute, but it will look better soon!

Cheers dears :)


Sam Bull
That sounds like an awesome idea! Exactly what we need.

If you haven't done so already get in touch with the guys who run the Aberdare Live Music profile on facebook:
Aberdare LiveMusic | Facebook
Aberdare Live Music | Facebook

Voodoo Lobster Promotions
Elliot's Bar
Sounds Like Promotions
LAS Festival
Cwm Fest

They're just the Aberdare ones but there are loads more like The Factory (in Porth), Young Promoters Network, End of the Line Promotions, Shadow Happy Promotions and many more who are also well worth getting in touch with. :)

Hope this is helpful!


New member
Very helpful, thanks :)

Made me realise how dozy I can be though. My father, Graham, books a lot of the bands for Elliots, and I run the Cwm Fest official site. Shoulda thought of that before now! ((>.<))