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Welsh Music Day - BBC Radio Wales on 1st March 2010


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Help needed for this:

"BBC Radio Wales is in the initial stages of planning Welsh Music Day - a massive celebration of Welsh music in as many of its multifarious forms as we can accommodate this coming St David's Day.

We're looking to set up a series of broadcasts across Wales that day; we'll be featuring Welsh music across the entire Radio Wales schedule; and we'll be looking at some of the economic benefits that the Welsh music industry brings to this country and how that industry is doing its best to prosper in these times of radical change.

I'm part of the team responsible for deciding exactly what we're going to be doing and I'd like to hear from you which specific areas, geographically and musically, you think it's essential for us to cover.

This won't just be about young people in bands, or who are DJ's / producers (although they will, of course, be making a significant amount of the amazing noises we will be broadcasting that day), it's about people of any age or background who make music in their communities within Wales.

And we want to cover as much of Wales as possible: essentially, wherever the most interesting musical stories are, regardless of whether it's someone's back bedroom, local chapel, or beer-soaked venue, we want to make the day open and accessible to you.

I want to hear from bands, choirs, school groups, buskers, instrument makers, record shop owners, vinyl junkies, whatever music you make (so long as the music or the story behind it are interesting) and whatever your age or background.

Contact me with your ideas and, if possible, an .mp3 of your music (if you're a music maker) at:

If you have any questions, please post them below and I'll do my best to answer them promptly.

This has never been done before. It's a fantastic opportunity to introduce a much wider audience to the incredible musical talent on their own doorsteps." Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

BBC - Wales Music: Get involved in Welsh Music Day