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Tell me your views and you could win £20 cash!

Oxjam South Wales

Oxjam Music Festival 2007
Hi there,

I've not really posted much on here before, except to promote gigs etc, but I was wondering if some of you would mind helping me out with a research project I'm doing as part of my degree course?

Basically, I'm writing a dissertation about The Pop Factory venue in Porth, and the impacts and effects it has on the local area.

If any of you have any views/thoughts/opinions about The Pop Factory and the events it puts on (including The Full Ponty), I'd really like to hear them. I'm particularly interested in whether people think The Pop Factory benefits the Porth area (and the wider Valleys area), if you are from Porth, does The Pop Factory give you a sense of pride in your area, if you are not from the Valleys, does the Pop Factory and The Full Ponty Festival affect your image of the Rhondda Valleys area?

Stuff like that.....

I'd need to know your age and where you live, and if you include your email address (or forward your email address to me at liz_whitaker60@hotmail.com if you prefer) then I'll enter you into a draw to win £20 cash - can't go wrong, really!

I'd be really grateful for any responses



Fox of Hall

Drummers where art thou?!
The Pop Factory stopped doing gigs late 2008 due to "it being damaged by customers breaking bits of the toilet" ... seriously I had a gig booked up in the Pop factory for losing sun and a few supports and they turned around the week before the show and said that all shows were cancelled! As far as I know they still aren't putting on show, which is a waste of a decent venue.

The Full Ponty was a pretty good show aswell attracted alot of people it's a pity they havn't done it for a while now, perhaps having a festival may revitalise some of the people that aren't going to gigs, playing in bands etc. The Rhondda needs a venue that frequently puts on shows, there is Parc Hall, but it's too far out of the way and seems to pull an older crowd, maybe when word gets out that they sell alcohol there again people may start going back there. The Muni aswell seems to being having a fall in popularity probally because you can't drink and watch the bands, or the bands that are playing they either play there a lot and people can't be bothered to watch them anymore or are so unknown people don't care about them.

Ok rant over back to topic, The Pop Factory should return to putting on shows again. It could be said that it's an all round venue, bigger bands can play there, younger/new bands can play there, it can be 18+, all ages, a music industry seminar venue, a studio, a music video studio. The sound may not be spot on all the time, and the floor you can snap your ankles on, but it is still a venue that the Rhondda needs.